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  • Representations of the "Far East"

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  • Journée d’étude : Representations of the "Far East"

    This one-day workshop seeks to examine the shifting image of the “Far East” in the English-speaking world, including - but not limited to - news, film, museums, exhibitions, travel literature and television. In part, it seeks to complement the study of media representations with a tentative assessment of their reception, and by examining the overlapping areas between media representations and historical events.

    En savoir plus :


    Session 1 : Filming the “Far East”

    Chair : Susan Ball, University of Paris 8

    9:30 “‘Don’t Sweat The #Repsweats And Let Crazy Rich Asians Be What It Is’ – Crazy Rich Asians (Jon M. Chu, 2018) and the Yearning to Feel Seen””,

    Sébastien Lefait, University of Paris 8

    10:00 Representations of « the white man’s burden » in Gurinder Chadha’s Viceroy House (2017) and Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children (2013)”, Florence Cabaret, University of Rouen

     10:30 Questions

     11:00 Coffee break

    Session 2 Encountering China

    Chair : Lori Maguire, University of Paris 8

    11:15 “Red and yellow : American changing perceptions of China during 1944 to 1954”, Xun Lu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    11:45 “Well-meaning illusions" : American emotional encounters with China, 1971–1978”, Pete Millwood, London School of Economics  

     12:15 : Questions

     12:45 Lunch

    Session 3 : Writing about the “Far East”

    Chair : Iside Costantini, University of Paris III

    14:00 : “Chinese History in American Children’s Literature, 1940-2018”, Selda Altan, University of Florida

    14:30 : “Beyond the Journalist’s Burden ? Exaggeration and Misrepresentation of Japan in the British News”, Christopher Hayes, Cardiff University
    15:00 "From Japan-bashing to the China Threat : “Yellow Peril” literature in the U.S. from the 1970s to the 2010s", Juliette Bourdin, University of Paris 8

    15:30 : Questions

    16:00 Coffee

    Session 4 : Experiencing War

    Chair : Sébastien Lefait, University of Paris 8

    16:15 “’Fierce-looking brutes’. Representations and memories of close encounters with ‘the other’ in the Far East, 1939-1945”, Simona Tobia, University of Toulouse

    16:45 “The British Consulate in Hanoi Looks at the North during the Vietnam War”, Lori Maguire, University of Paris 8

    17:15 Questions


    Informations pratiques :

    Vendredi 14 juin de 9:30 à 18:00
    A2 202

    Contact(s) :

    Lori Maguire : lori.maguire@univ-paris8.fr

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