Séminaire : Machine learning for brain signal and image processing


Due to the rapid development of medical science and technology, the brain signal/image processing has become an important technology that has reduced the distance between the human’s brain and the computers and hence had lead to the evolution of brain-computer interfaces. Machine learning for brain data processing has brought an impressive progress in solving several clinical problems and thus becomes one of the most efficient tools for the detection and diagnosis of brain diseases. This presentation will first focus on our recent progress in the detection and classification of Epileptic seizure activities for neonatal using EEG signals. The second part of the presentation will focus on the study of brain development based on clustering of white matter fibers using MRI brain imaging. The last part of the presentation will focus on the preprocessing of brain signals and images using Bayesian approaches with multiscale sparse representations for improving the learning results.
Conférencier : Larbi Boubchir, MCF à l’université Paris 8 et chercheur au LIASD

Informations pratiques :

18/10/18 de 13h30 à 15h

Salle : A148

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