Distance Learning Institute (IED)

For those wishing to access our courses but who are not able to attend in person.

The Distance Learning Institute (IED) at Paris 8 University allows you to study a university degree in a way that suits your professional life or any other constraints that prevent you from attending class in person.

The range of IED courses includes nationally recognised qualifications:

  • Psychology
    • Licence (Bachelor’s)
    • Master psychologie clinique (Master’s in Clinical Psychology)
    • Master psychologie enfance et adolescence (Master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychology)
    • Master psychologie sociale (Master’s in Social Psychology)
  • Law
    • Licence de droit (Bachelor’s in Law) (Master’s courses in Health Law, Public Law, Private Law likely to be available from next year),
    • Master Droit public (Master’s in Public Law)
    • Master Droit privé (Processuel) (Master’s in Private (Procedural) Law)
    • Master Droit de la santé (Master’s in Health Law)
  • Licence d’informatique (Bachelor’s in Computer Science)
  • Learning Sciences
    • Third year of licence (Bachelor’s)
    • Master spécialité “Education tout au long de la vie” (Specialised Master’s in Lifelong Learning)

The content of these courses is identical to that of the in-person classes and lead to same qualification.

There is also the option to enrol in University Diploma (DU) courses:

  • DU Criminologie (University Diploma in Criminology)

Details about the courses, enrolment procedures, distance learning fees, work organisation, learning assessment tools, possible participation in group sessions, specific means of assessment and so forth can be found on the IED website (currently being updated).