Faculty of Culture and Communication (UFR Culture et communication)

Paris 8 University has offered an extensive and diverse academic programme in culture and communication since 1984. It is extensive because the student’s education is guaranteed through all stages, i.e. from undergraduate to postgraduate: Licence (Bachelor’s), Licence Professionnelle (Professional Bachelor’s), Master’s and Doctorate. And it is diverse because the courses focus on the professional world (specialised programmes, professional bachelor’s, applied master’s), research (research master’s, doctorate, research laboratory), and because a wide range of themes are explored (general courses programmes or programmes specialising in journalism, music or audiovisual industries, new media, international media or broader approaches).

The Faculty (UFR) of Culture and Communication, created in 2005, has around 1,000 students, 35 faculty teachers and lecturers, 100 industry professionals, ten degrees on offer (from undergraduate to doctorate), and one social sciences laboratory, the CEMTI. The faculty also has an administrative team of seven staff. It is a vibrant faculty very much in touch with contemporary realities and the professional world without being bound to it, and is a centre for culture brimming with ideas. Our Bureau des étudiants (Student Union) livens up faculty life with regular fun-filled events (trips, parties, etc.).

Fundamental, methodological and practical knowledge

The degrees on offer in this faculty are based on the study of information and communication sciences. All take a multidisciplinary approach to communication, culture and the media (incorporating semiology, sociology, anthropology, economics, law, etc.). The materials studied in class focus on defining issues of contemporary society. Students study theory (reading, concepts), methodology (criticism, empirical research), as well as undertaking practical projects (press, radio, video, online projects, etc.).

Carefully assessed degrees on a human scale, available as initial or continuing education

Founded in 1985 and 1987 respectively, the licence (bachelor’s) and master’s degree programmes were evaluated in 2008 and 2013 by AERES, the French Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education, and passed with flying colours. Classes are held on the Saint-Denis campus.

The majority of our students, French and international, enrol at Paris 8 University to complete their initial university degree, while others choose to follow our continuing education programme in conjunction with the Training Directorate.

Study abroad at one of our many partner universities

As part of our long history of forging international relations (with over 40 partner universities), students are strongly encouraged to choose a course module from our range of university exchange programmes organised by the International Relations and Cooperation Office.

Additionally, the Faculty organises class trips every year (e.g. to Mumbai, Istanbul, Cape Town, Amsterdam, London and Dublin).

The Faculty’s educational and scientific projects are enriched by its partnerships with:

Courses on offer

  • Licence Information-communication (Bachelor’s in Information and Communication)
  • Licence professionnelle Techniques journalistiques pour les nouveaux médias (Professional Bachelor’s in Journalistic Techniques for the New Media)
  • Licence professionnelle Communication interactive et multimédia (Professional Bachelor’s in Interactive and Multimedia Communication)
  • Master Culture et communication (Master’s in Culture and Communication)
    • Media culture and society (Master’s year one)
    • International media
    • Media and social relationships of class, race and gender
  • Master Industries culturelles (Master’s in Cultural Industries)
    • Cultural and creative industries (Master’s year one)
    • Music industry: production, organisation, communication
    • Audiovisual communication
    • Digital platforms, creation and innovation
  • Master’s in Information and Communication
    • Digital communication and project management
  • DÉSU Communication publique et politique (Diploma of Higher University Studies in Public and Political Communication)

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