UR Esthétique, musicologie, danse et création musicale - MUSIDANSE (MUSIDANCE Research Unit of Aesthetics, Musicology, Dance and Musical Creation)

The MUSIDANCE Research Unit of Aesthetics, Musicology, Dance and Musical Creation (EA 1572) brings together lecturers, doctoral students and researchers primarily from Paris 8 University’s music and dance departments. The Unit’s research programmes and activities are largely concerned with musical composition and choreographic creation approached through a variety of lenses and methods. Its rich variety of themes and the diversity of its approaches reflect the complexity of our era, and the role of music and dance in the world.

Our researchers work on a range of artistic productions and practices (shows, actions, events, interactive pieces, in-situ and transitional works, etc.) that call for sensitive theory-based approaches. Enhanced by this encounter of methods and an open-minded conception of musicology and dance studies, the analysis and practice inherent in these creative projects aim to bring about a deeper understanding of creative processes and artistic gestures, and how they develop by themselves or interact with the social, ecological, economic and political issues of our time.

Several of our researchers are also artists and work on projects combining research and artistic creation. By deepening the relationship between aesthetic reflection, the acquisition of technical/technological knowledge and socio-cultural content, MUSIDANSE helps to bridge analytical thought and artistic experimentation. The research methods and creative approaches explored in this Research Unit aim to develop ways of reflecting on and practising music, sound, dance and art that can be adapted to both historical subjects and the most contemporary artistic productions.

MUSIDANSEis a Host Research Team of doctoral students enrolled in the EDESTA Doctoral School. Building strong ties with its local environment (EUR ArTeC, CRR d’Aubervilliers, ComUE Paris Lumières, etc.), it is also involved in national and international networks.

Internal teams:

  • Creation and Interaction (C.et.I)
  • Composition, Interpretation, Theatre, Improvisation (CISI)
  • Centre for Digital and Musical Creation Research (CICM)
  • Dance, Movement and Shared Spaces

UFR Arts, philosophie, esthétique
ED 159 : Esthétique, sciences et technologies des Arts

2 rue de la Liberté
93526 SAINT-DENIS, France

Website: http://musidanse.univ-paris8.fr/