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  • Students(1)


    20,523 registered students

    14,070 enrolled in "licence" degrees

    6,259 enrolled in "master’s"



    Educational programmes


    11 UFRs (education and research units) and 5
    institutes including 2 IUTs (university level technology

    32 "master’s" degree courses (77 specialities)

    33 "licence" degree courses (including 11 professional degrees)

    5 DUTs (university level technology degrees)


    Courses are
    offered in 6 main fields

    • Law, economics,
      and management
    • Human and
      social sciences
    • Science,
      technology, and health
    • Culture and
    • Humanities
      and foreign languages
    • Arts






    1,637 doctoral students(1)

    4 doctorate schools

    36 research laboratories and teams, 7 of
    which operating under the aegis the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research)

    More than 180 doctoral degrees are awarded every year






    300 partnerships with
    foreign universities including Berkeley, the Beijing Film Academy, and the universities of Berlin and Algiers

    150 nationalities are represented in
    the student body






    faculty (all levels)

    BIATOSS personnel (library staff, engineers, administrative personnel, technicians,
    maintenance staff, social and health services)






    The total surface of the university (3 different sites) is 78,199 m², 82% for the main site in Saint-Denis




    (1) Source: Statistics and coordination
    department - Remontée SISE
    on January 15th , 2010



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