University of Paris 8, University of the World
The University of Paris 8 draws its strength from its student body, composed of 30% international students and 157 different nationalities, thus defining itself as University of the World. This title not only fits within the context of historical welcoming tradition and an openness to diversity, but also to a contemporary reality in which the international and European point of view take on growing importance. Within the ever-changing academic landscape, Paris 8 has its own answers to epistemological questions and methodologies: how can one measure the value of multilinguism against internationalization of research and education? How can one put forward methodologies that would allow us to maximize international human resources, as much in the field of research as in pedagogical practices? An alternative approach, one that is critical, non-competitive and solidary as characterized by Paris 8, implicates the university more than ever in the initiation of creative measures for the style and substance of its teaching methods.

Pursuing and developing diversity
Within this context of growing globalization, Paris 8 means to keep a preponderant place for the follow-through and development of diversity. At the center of Paris 8’s concerns is the reasoning on the role of languages and foreign culture as tools for students to rethink the limits of our world. The resistance to standardization, the weakening of linguistic flux, and the decomposition of the meaning brought on by globalization. In this sense, the University of the World prides itself on teaching and research activity that depends upon a critical dimension and the transversality of knowledge, both qualities that are specific to Paris 8.

Development of international partnerships
Paris 8 supports the development of its international partnerships, as much with prestigious universities as with others, with whom Paris 8 offers its support or shared experience in the scientific and pedagogical fields. These partnerships are being pursued in areas of the world that have a longstanding history with Paris 8, such as Europe, Maghreb, South America, more particularly Saharan Africa, but also in Asia.

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