Our International Strategy

Paris 8 University, a Université-Monde

Paris 8 University, with 30% of international students representing 157 nationalities, sees itself as a World University (Université-Monde). First and foremost, this claim is part of the university’s longstanding tradition of encouraging and accepting diversity, and also corresponds to the realities of the modern era in which international and European perspectives are of an ever-increasing importance. Additionally, in a continuously changing academic landscape, Paris 8 University wishes to provide its own answers to emerging epistemological and methodological questions, such as “How do we measure the value of multilingualism in the context of increasing internationalisation of research and training?” or “How can we develop methodologies to maximise the value-added of research and teaching practices on an international scale?” The alternative, critical, non-competitive and supportive approach that characterises Paris 8 University’s teaching style increasingly incorporates creative approaches into its teaching and course content.

Supporting and promoting diversity

In the context of growing globalisation, Paris 8 University strives to continue supporting and promoting diversity as one of its top priorities. Paris 8 University also places a strong importance on foreign languages and cultures as tools that can help students expand their understanding of the world. This means combating standardisation, the decline in linguistic flows, and the erosion of meaning brought about by globalisation. In this sense, the “Université-Monde” or World University symbolises a desire to provide education and research shaped by critical thinking and interdisciplinary knowledge — defining concepts at Paris 8 University.

Developing international partnerships

Paris 8 University continues to expand its international cooperation with prestigious universities and other institutions, and is always willing to provide support and share its experiences in the scientific and educational field. Partnerships will be continued to be developed in areas in which Paris 8 University has longstanding links, such as Europe, North Africa, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.