The Language Centre (CDL)

The Paris 8 University Language Centre or CDL is an inter-faculty service run by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (UFR LLCE-LEA), which manages language tuition for all students from all disciplines wishing to study languages as part of their degree. The CDL teaches over 7,000 students a year.

The CDL also helps Paris 8 University students prepare for TOEIC and TOEFL examinations.

These exams assess students’ written and oral skills in English in a professional (TOEIC) or academic context (TOEFL) from intermediate to advanced level.

Students can enrol in these examination preparation classes at the start of each semester (office B204/205); a minimum B1 English level is required.

Paris 8 University
2 rue de la Liberté - 93526 Saint-Denis cedex
Building B1, 2nd Floor, Office 204/205

Tel: 01 49 40 68 43