Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (UFR Langues et cultures étrangères - LLCE-LEA)

The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (UFR LLCE-LEA) has two roles: to teach students specialising in foreign languages, literature, civilisation and applied foreign languages, and to welcome students from faculties who want to learn a new language or improve their language skills.

The Faculty’s various departments offer courses that enable students to improve their skills in foreign languages, literature, civilisation, culture, business and communication.

Courses for students specialising in foreign languages

LLCER (Language, Literature & Culture) courses in English-Speaking Cultures, Arab Cultures, Hispanic Cultures, European & International Studies and the double degree in English-Speaking Cultures & History, all offer (depending on the chosen language) a range of classes in English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. These courses enable students to deepen their knowledge of foreign languages, literature and civilisation.

Besides teaching careers, LLCER degrees prepare students for careers in translation, cultural mediation, journalism, publishing, communication and all types of work that require knowledge of foreign languages and cultures.

Our LEA programme (Applied Foreign Languages) gives students the opportunity to study two foreign languages (English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian) with a choice of one of two specialisations (Business/Multilingual Communication and Translation). A double degree in Applied Foreign Languages and Management is offered in partnership with the Faculty of Social and Economic Administration - Economics and Management.

Specialisation in Applied Foreign Languages & Business: this linguistic, economic, legal, cultural and technical course prepares students for a career in international business (procurement/sales, marketing, logistics, import/export, etc.).

Specialisation in Applied Foreign Languages, Communication & Translation: this course combines the study of language (option to study a third foreign language) with an in-depth knowledge of cultural contexts to prepare students for careers in a number of fields, such as translation, interpreting, communication, publishing, teaching, etc.

Foreign language courses for students specialising in other disciplines

The Language Centre of the UFR LLCER-LEA teaches foreign languages to students enrolled on other courses at the University. The multi-disciplinary spirit that defines Paris 8 University means that every course must offer the option of studying a foreign language. Depending on the student and their chosen course, they will be offered classes in the most commonly-spoken European languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.), growing languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese) at Paris 8 University, and regional languages (Berber, Catalan).

The Language Centre offers courses in a variety of formats:

  • General language courses (based on the student’s level) taught as a refresher or improvement course, as part of a degree
  • Specialised language classes (targeted classes) adapted to students’ specific courses from other disciplines (e.g. English for the Arts)
  • TOEIC and TOEFL exam preparation
  • Writing and speaking classes for scientific communication in English

Courses on offer

  • Applied Foreign Language (LEA) Undergraduate Degrees
  • Licence LLCER Mondes anglophones (LLCER Bachelor’s in English-Speaking Cultures)
  • Licence LLCER Mondes Arabes (LLCER Bachelor’s in Arab Cultures)
  • Licence LLCER Études européennes et internationales (LLCER Bachelor’s in European and International Studies)
  • Licence LLCER Mondes hispaniques (LLCER Bachelor’s in Hispanic Cultures)
  • Double-licence Histoire-LLCER Mondes anglophones (LLCER Double Bachelor’s in English-Speaking Cultures & History)
  • Double-licence Economie et gestion-LEA (Double Bachelor’s in Economics, Management & Applied Foreign Languages)
  • Master Langues et sociétés (Master’s in Languages and Societies)
    • Master Médias, Culture, 2 langues (Master’s in Media & Culture, with 2 Languages)
    • Master Etudes transnationales et transculturelles (Master’s in Transnational and Transcultural Studies)
  • Master Traduction et interprétation (Master’s in Translation and Interpreting)
    • Master Lettres, Interfaces numériques et Sciences Humaines (Master’s in Literature, Digital Interfaces and Human Sciences)
  • Master MEEF 2nd degré, anglais (MEEF 2nd level Master’s degree, English)
  • Master MEEF 2nd degré, espagnol (MEEF 2nd level Master’s degree, Spanish)

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