Faculty of Law (UFR Droit)

Law is one of the most popular fields for research and study at Paris 8 University and the Faculty of Law (UFR Droit) offers the following degree programmes:

  • Licence Droit (Bachelor’s in Law)
  • Licence professionnelle Droit et gestion de copropriété et syndic (Professional Bachelor’s in Law and Estate and Property Management)
  • Licence professionnelle Droit social et ressources humaines (Professional Bachelor’s in Social Law and Human Resources)
  • Master Droit de la santé (Master’s in Health Law)
    • Medical, bioethics and health law
    • Industrial property and health innovations
  • Master Droit privé (Master’s in Private Law)
  • Master Droit public (Master’s in Public Law)
    • General public law
    • Public business law and economics
  • Master Justice, procès, procédure (Master’s in Justice, Trials and Proceedings)
    • Procedural law (Master’s year two)
    • Judicial institutions and major trials (Master’s year two)
  • DU Criminologie (University Diploma in Criminology)
  • DESU Criminologie (Diploma of Higher University Studies in Criminology)
  • DU Clinique juridique - Justice, procès, procédure (University Diploma in Legal Clinic Practice - Justice, Trials, Proceedings)
  • DESU Droit et gestion des collectivités territoriales (Diploma of Higher University Studies in Law and Management of Regional Authorities)
  • DESU Gestion et ingéniérie de projets européens (Diploma of Higher University Studies in European Project Management and Design)
  • DU Violences faites aux femmes (University Diploma in Violence Against Women)

These courses lead a great number of students to secure rewarding careers, and we constantly strive to ensure that our classes are as relevant to the world of work as possible.

English, a language required by many law firms and consultancies, is a compulsory part of this course. Classes also provide training in the necessary software. Alongside the fundamentals of law, students are given the right technical tools, which are essential in opening the doors to success.

In addition to expert tuition supported by two research laboratories, the administrative and teaching staff at the Faculty of Law are committed to maintaining — through the relationships they build with students — the human dimension that is and always will be the jewel in Paris 8 University’s crown.

The Faculty of Law team is a testament to the fact that the university is not an isolated entity cut off from the professional world. It is a vibrant environment that develops student’ talents, and provides them with everything they need to choose and start their career thanks to the right knowledge and soft skills.

Université Paris 8
UFR droit
Building A - 2nd floor
2 rue de la liberté

Website: https://ufr-droit.univ-paris8.fr/