Faculty of Texts and Societies (UFR Textes et Sociétés)

Bringing together lecturers in history, literature and sociology — all of whom played a key role in the creation of the Experimental University Centre of Vincennes in 1969 —in a single faculty reflects their shared goals to:

  • create a space in which to reflect freely on these separate disciplines, which were formerly ‘prisoners’ of their own academic tradition in France;
  • contribute, by opening up a broader perspective on the contemporary world, to new theories in the field;
  • reflect more deeply on modern teaching and learning methods and ways to transmit knowledge in a radically changing academic and social environment.

The Faculty of Texts and Societies mainly holds classes in Building B and comprises the following departments:

Courses on offer

  • Licence Histoire (Bachelor’s in History)
  • Double licence Histoire - anglais (Double Bachelor’s in History & English)
  • Double licence Histoire - science politique (Double Bachelor’s in History & Political Science)
  • Licence Lettres (Bachelor’s in Literature)
  • Licence Science politique (Bachelor’s in Political Science)
  • Licence Sociologie (Bachelor’s in Sociology)
  • Master Archives (Master’s in Archives)
  • Master Création littéraire (Master’s in Creative Writing)
  • Master Etudes sur le genre (Master’s in Gender Studies)
  • Master Histoire (Master’s in History)
    • Master Passé présent: les méthodes critiques de l’Histoire (Master’s in The Past and Present: Critical Methods in History)
  • Master Lettres (Master’s in Literature)
    • Master Mondes littéraires (Master’s in Literary Worlds)
    • Master Création critique (Master’s in Critical Writing)
  • Master Science politique (Master’s in Political Science)
    • Master Diversités et discriminations (Master’s in Diversity and Discrimination)
    • Master Politique transnationale et mondialisation (Master’s in Transnational Politics and Globalisation)
    • Master Cultures et politiques: mots, images et théorie (Master’s in Cultural and Political Realities: Language, Image and Theory)
  • Master Sciences sociales (Master’s in Social Sciences)
    • Master Anthropologie de la mondialisation (Master’s in Anthropology and Globalisation)
    • Master Mondes urbains et inégalités (Master’s in Urban Environments and Inequalities)

Université Paris 8
UFR Textes et Sociétés
Building B
2 rue de la liberté

Website: https://ufr-textes-et-societes.univ-paris8.fr