UR Centre d’études sur les médias, les technologies et l’internationalisation - CEMTI (Research Unit: Centre for Studies in Media, Technologies and Internationalisation)

The Centre d’études sur les médias, les technologies et l’internationalisation -CEMTI (Centre for Studies in Media, Technologies and Internationalisation - EA3388) is a research unit attached to the Doctoral School of Social Sciences (ED 401). It helps manage the scientific projects conducted by its members, lecturers, researchers and doctoral students on themes relating to culture, media and communication.

CEMTI focuses on a communication-based study of the media that takes into account the social, economic and cultural forces at play, discussing the unique functions of different spaces, devices, media actors and public policies. This research laboratory is proud of its links with the human and social sciences, a key academic perspective for the analysis of social communication theory. It promotes approaches that are mindful of the social formation of patterns of perception, thought and action of the social (and particularly media) structures that define their influence. It encourages interdisciplinary approaches and bases its work on critical perspectives that are constructed to counter the illusion of simple deductions on the state of the world and reject conventional wisdom. CEMTI’s perspectives are part of a mission to question the social relations that underpin the arbitrary divisions of the social order through a collective project of political invention and analysis of social divisions, particularly in terms of power, domination, injustice and inequality.

 CEMTI brings together more than 40 researchers and lecturers. Research is focused on four key areas:

Research areas

  • Communication-based approaches to image and gaze
  • Art, politics and audience experiences
  • Media, mediatisation and logics of appropriation 
  • Logics of platform creation and resistant uses

UFR « Culture et communication »
ED 401 : « Sciences Sociales »

2, rue de la Liberté
93526 SAINT-DENIS, France

Website: https://cemti.univ-paris8.fr/