UR Centre de recherches juridiques de Paris 8 - CRJP8 (Research Unit: Paris 8 University Centre for Legal Research)

The CRJP8 or Centre de recherches juridiques de Paris 8 (Paris 8 Centre for Legal Research) opened in January 2020, pooling the expertise of the Centre de recherche de droit privé et droit de la santé (Centre for Research in Private and Health Law, formerly EA 1581) and the Laboratoire forces du droit: paradoxes, comparaisons, expérimentations (Legal Institutions Laboratory: Paradoxes, Comparisons, Experimentation, formerly EA 4387).

This new laboratory adheres to the defining principle of Paris 8 University, i.e. multi-disciplinarity. Its research is conducted by experts in public/private law and legal historians following a cross-disciplinary approach to law based on the combined expertise of the members of this research laboratory and the CRDPDS.

Research projects are split into six groups, each dedicated to a specific theme:

  • Health Law (Bénédicte Boyer-Bévière): a field with a long-standing history at Paris 8 University, health law incorporates a variety of research themes, including patient law, medical liability, bioethics, medicinal product law and environmental law.
  • Law in Economic Relations (Edmond Schlumberger): the aim of this group is to study the consequences of economic changes on legal matters (e.g. behaviour of organisations and changes in the market, legal aspects to the internationalisation of the economy).
  • Fundamental and Human Rights (Dirk Baugard): this group spans both fundamental rights and the major issues of private law (e.g. contract and heritage law, family law, civil liability).
  • New Technologies Law (Bertrand Warusfel): several research topics are grouped under this theme, including the right to information, personal data protection, cryptography law, cybercrime and e-commerce law.
  • Procedural Law (Liza Veyre): the research carried out by this group focuses primarily on the common principle inherent in all legal proceedings (e.g. claim and cause of action, adversarial proceedings and the rights of the defence, judgement and its motivation, means of appeal).
  • History of Law (Benoît Habert): this group focuses on the history of public institutions and social facts from Roman Antiquity to the middle of France’s Third Republic. It also addresses questions of private law history (civil law, criminal law, business law, labour law, health law, etc.).

Inter-group research in future scientific projects is encouraged through regular meetings attended by the Laboratory’s Directors and each Group Coordinator. These exchanges help to coordinate research activities and events combining two or more groups.

ED 401 : Sciences sociales

Maison de la recherche
2 rue de la Liberté
93526 Saint-Denis, FRANCE

Website: https://www.crjp8.fr/