UR Fonctionnement et Dysfonctionnement Cognitifs : les âges de la vie - DYSCO (Research Unit: Cognitive Function and Dysfunction: Stages of Life)

DYSCO is a laboratory that was founded in 2020 and is co-coordinated by Paris 8 University and Paris Nanterre.

The laboratory addresses three research themes, examining human life in its entirety, both unaffected and affected by pathology.

  • Perception (visual, auditory, temporal, perceptual illusion)
  • Emotion (identification, representation, regulation, cognitive-emotional interactions)
  • Language (verbal, written, non-verbal, approaches promoting the development of new concepts)

The aim of this laboratory is to examine the evolution of cognitive and affective processes across the entire breadth of existence, through the specific perspective of normal and pathological function. This ambition reflects a desire to test the validity of explanatory models of these cognitive processes that are very often generalised often because they are based on observations made using a small sample of the population.


Doctoral schools (https://www.univ-paris8.fr/-Ecoles-doctorales-)

ED Cognition Langage Interaction

Website: https://dysco.parisnanterre.fr/