UR Transferts critiques anglophones - TransCrit (Research Unit for Transmission of English Criticism)

TransCrit (Transferts Critiques anglophones - EA1569) or the Transmission of English Criticism, is a Research Unit that focuses on the English-speaking world, bringing together scholars of literature, history, civilisation, translation and linguistics.

TransCrit is a firm believer in interdisciplinarity in the humanities, not only because of its vocation to unite all disciplines included under the umbrella of English studies at Paris 8 University, but also because of its multiple collaborations with researchers and research centres working on other cultures, literatures and disciplines in relation to the English-speaking world.

UFR Langues et cultures étrangères (LLCE-LEA)
ED 31 : Pratiques et Théories du Sens

2 rue de la Liberté
93526 SAINT-DENIS, France

Website: https://transcrit.univ-paris8.fr/?lang=en