BAPN courses, computer skills adapted to your field of study

For undergraduate students

Almost all undergraduate courses offer an optional computer skills free module or EC. The title of this free module is EC Digital Skills - PIX Test Preparation. Or students can take the EC Computer Skills for the Arts module created for students studying the Visual Arts, Film, Musicology and Theatre.
Students studying a Bachelor’s in English (LLCE/LEA) can also take the EC Digital Skills/PIX Test Prep or Office Systems in English course.

Both courses are provided as a three-hour weekly class for one semester.

EC digital skills - PIX test preparation

This course is intended to assess the digital skills of undergraduates who then sit a test to receive certification based on the European DigComp framework.
Consult the PIX standard and the skills assessed in the PIX tests. PIX certification is an examination taken by students at the end of the semester after completing the Digital Skills and PIX Prep course.

The BAPN (Paris 8 University’s Digital Skills Learning Service) is the certifying body for Paris 8 University, and is approved by the French Ministry of National Education and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

EC Computer Skills for the Arts

The BAPN offers optional modules for arts students. These classes have no entry requirements and are designed to teach undergraduates the computer skills associated with digital artistic production, such as video production, photo editing, audiovisual editing, sound production, etc.

Check out BAPN’s list of computer skills courses for the arts.

EC in Office Systems in English

The BAPN offers students studying English (LLCE/LEA) an Office Systems in English course, a computer skills class taught in English. The dual aim of this course is to teach students to be proficient in digital tools (Office and online systems) while also improving their digital language skills.

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