IUT de Montreuil

The Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Montreuil (Montreuil University Institute of Technology) was founded in 1998. Following in the footsteps of other IUTs in France, the IUT de Montreuil offers general vocational training programmes. Its four departments offer four BUT courses (three-year technical bachelor’s) and five licences professionnelles (three-year professional bachelor’s) in computer science, administrative & business management, information & communication, industrial quality and logistics.

IUT classes are taught by lecturers, secondary school teachers and industry professionals. Courses can be studied as an initial full-time degree, a work/study programme or as part of continuing/lifelong education.

IUT courses have a strong focus on professional applications (internships, supervised projects, etc.) while guaranteeing a high level of general education. Students also receive regular expert supervision, particularly during practical sessions and tutorials.

In line with the founding values of its parent university, Paris 8 University, the IUT de Montreuil proactively welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds, and works hard to provide everything students need to learn in the best possible conditions.

The IUT de Montreuil has an international policy that promotes language learning and encourages overseas internships and study placements.

Located in a vibrant and diverse economic area, the IUT de Montreuil has, over the years, developed partnerships with economic actors and has launched many collaborative projects. IUT courses are highly valued by companies and enable graduates to quickly get their foot in the door at both a regional and national level.

The IUT de Montreuil is also a vibrant research hub and its lecturers are involved in research projects as part of one of the Institute’s two research teams:

  • Computer Science and Communication
  • Industrial Systems Modelling and Engineering

Getting to the IUT de Montreuil

IUT de Montreuil
140 rue de la Nouvelle France

Website: https://www.iut.univ-paris8.fr