IUT de Tremblay-en-France

Founded in 1966, the University Institutes of Technology (IUTs) offer two-year training courses to senior technicians who work directly with engineers, researchers and senior managers.

The IUTs work closely with companies as evidenced by the participation of industry professionals in classes and tutorials, classes tailored for students on internships, and class projects exploring corporate issues.

Thanks to the combination of theory and practical skills, the IUTs are able to meet companies’ needs for technical training. These courses are taught by the university teaching staff, as well as a variety of industry professionals.

Open to high-school graduates, the IUTs gives students a technical higher education, as well as a broad generalised education.

Located near to the logistics platforms of Roissy, Garonor and Mitry-Compans, the IUT de Tremblay-en-France provides, either as an initial degree, continuing education or work/study programme, an education designed to prepare students to work in a variety of technical support and professional roles. These courses provide students with skills that are widely recognised in the labour market, helping them to access a wide variety of careers.

Since 1992, the IUT has welcomed students to its campus and its three departments:

  • Industrial Engineering and Maintenance (GIM)
  • Management, Logistics and Transportation (GLT)
  • Business and administrative management (GEA) with optional modules in Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses and Human Resources

It also works closely with local and regional companies to create a comprehensive vocational higher education hub able to ensure that students succeed and meet the needs of society.

Getting to the IUT de Tremblay-en-France

IUT de Tremblay-en-France
3 Rue de la Raperie

Website: https://www.iutt.univ-paris8.fr