Mission, vision and values

With the help of our partners (Université Paris Lumières, Campus Condorcet, ERUA, Critical Edge Alliance, local associations), Paris 8 University has launched several major initiatives to open up opportunities to people from all walks of life, and to create an inclusive welcoming university where students can learn and plan their futures, while also enjoy working in a committed, responsible and influential university.

Our mission

As a public institution, Paris 8 University has several missions, namely to:

  1. Support students on their path to success with initial or continuing education that provides them with all the right tools for finding their ideal career.
  2. Promote high-quality original research that contributes to the creation of an ambitious national and international scientific policy.
  3. Guarantee the inclusion of all students and staff at Paris 8 University.
  4. Play an active role in protecting the environment.

Paris 8 University also pledges to guarantee its students and staff the best possible welcome, support, education, working environment, as well as simplified admission formalities. The responsibilities of Paris 8 University include:

  • Absolute respect of fundamental rights
  • Tolerance
  • Inclusion
  • Social assistance
  • Civil engagement

Our vision

Today’s students are faced with many interrelated and increasingly serious challenges, such as climate change, social inequality, geopolitical tensions, COVID-19, a changing economy, fake news, etc. More than ever, they will be required to question views and practices, share their visions, come up with answers, and change the world. To give them the means to do this, academic institutions must promote the sharing of ideas and experiences within an educational and scientific community. This community must be strong enough to decipher, interpret, enlighten and criticise, while fostering creative independence — the very foundation for responsible action and the key to reinventing our troubled world.

Our values

Paris 8 University’s multiple commitments rely on several key values, which each guide the university’s actions:

  • Freedom of thought, and the right to criticism, experimentation and creation
  • Diversity
  • Solidarity
  • Commitment
  • Academic and civic responsibility