Since 1980, Paris 8 University has been based in Saint-Denis, and has had its own Metro station since 1998.

Paris 8 University, an international university, is well integrated into this cosmopolitan town whose heritage has been shaped by multiple influences. The university is now part of Saint-Denis’s rich cultural tapestry.

Building on its 40-year tradition of cooperation on social, cultural, urban and economic issues, Saint-Denis and the University signed a partnership agreement on the 18 May 2010 based on five common objectives, namely to:

  1. Encourage increased collaboration between the University and local socio-economic and cultural stakeholders
  2. Strengthen Paris 8 University’s role as an actor in urban development
  3. Strengthen the University’s ties with Saint-Denis and further involve the university community in local life
  4. Improve the material well-being of students
  5. Support the professional integration of students