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  • Since its opening in 1968, Université Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint-Denis has put international relations at the core of its research and teaching activities.


    With almost 200 cooperation agreements with foreign universities, and with its numerous foreign scholars, Université Paris 8 defines itself as a "World University" focusing on the analysis of the challenges of the contemporary world and on the exploration of cultural diversity. 157
    nationalities are represented in the student body.


    Université Paris 8 has partnerships with numerous foreign higher education institutions. It also actively participates in a number of major international programmes such as the ERASMUS exchange programme for European universities, and the CREPUQ programme with Quebec, which concerns French-speaking universities.


    The agreements signed by Université Paris 8 are of limited duration, and pursue different objectives depending on its partner universities: research involving the faculty of the various universities, international conferences and joint publications, study periods for students in the partner universities, development of curricula and courses involving international partnerships, delocalisation of the degrees, etc.


    The role of the international relations office is to provide decision-making bodies with information concerning development opportunities abroad and assistance to faculty members wishing to work with foreign partners, as well as to students who want to complete their curriculum, or find an internship abroad (we call this "student mobility").


    Your contacts:

    You are a student in one of our partner universities, and wish to visit Université Paris 8


    Head of International relations office

    Séverine Bortot


    +33 1 49 40 65 13

    Office A2·211


    Nora El Ghouate


    +33 1 49 40 67 81

    Office A2·212

    Student mobility

    Incoming mobility

    Céline Butelle


    +33 1 49 40 70 68 

    Office A2·218


    Outgoing European mobility (Ersasmus+)

    Filomena Fazio


    +33 1 49 40 65 36

    Office A2·214


    Outgoing Mobility MICEFA-CREPUQ and bilateral programs (out of Europe)

    Ludovic Maillard


    +33 1 49 40 64 12

    Office A2·216


    Outgoing International Mobility of Credits (MIC)

    Ekaterina Smoliakova


    +33 1 49 40 71 29

    Office A2·216


    Staff Mobility

    Marie Poulet


    +33 1 49 40 71 40

    Office A2·206

    International projects pole

    Head of European office

    Claire Legriel


    +33 1 49 40 65 26

    Office A2·213


    European project engineer 

    Angeliki Psychogyiou


    +33 1 49 40 68 92

    Office A2·213


     Conventions monitoring

     Inna Otso


    +33 1 49 40 68 74

    Office A2·207

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