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Presses Universitaires de Vincennes - PUV (Vincennes University Press), a university-wide department at Paris 8 University, is an international publishing house under the responsibility of the vice-chancellorship and under the control of the Research Commission of the Academic Council. PUV publishes books and journals from a broad range of scientific disciplines, providing readers with the keys to understanding our modern world, and addresses themes usually connected to the research areas explored at the University.

PUV’s editorial policy is defined by a committee of lecturers, and is expressed through its range of specialised collections, which include essays and collective works.

  • L’Imaginaire du Texte (Textual Imaginaries): textual study and the paths of our imagination
  • Culture et Société (Culture and Society): interference between texts and institutions
  • Esthétiques hors cadre (Aesthetics At Large): art as seen through different lenses
  • Temps et Espaces (Times and Spaces): territories and temporalities
  • Sciences du langage (Language Sciences): contemporary perspectives in linguistics
  • Créations européennes (European Creations): the invention of a cultural and literary Europe
  • Intempestives (Misfits): thought exercises, transitions between disciplines
  • Littérature hors frontière (Literature Without Borders): writing in movement, encounters between places and cultures
  • Essais et Savoirs (Essays and Knowledge): erudition and writing: objects of research interest
  • La Philosophie hors de soi (Philosophy Upturned): the margins and blind spots of philosophy
  • Théâtres du monde (World Stages): theatrical expressions of the past and present
  • Les Cahiers de Paris VIII / Recherches: team projects at Paris 8 University
  • Série (Series): critical Italian grammar
  • Libre cours (Free rein): well-informed summaries, accessible knowledge
  • Médias (Media): research in the human and social sciences focusing on media
  • Manuscrits modernes (Modern Manuscripts): exploring the traces of literary invention among the writers of the 18th-20th centuries
  • Special Editions

PUV also edits five specialist reviews (one or two issues a year) often based on interdisciplinary themes.

  • Médiévales (Medieval): languages, texts, history
  • Théorie Littérature Epistémologie (Theory, Literature, Epistemology): literature and cognition
  • Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident (The Far-East, the Far-West): comparative research studies
  • Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes (Linguistic Research of Vincennes): focus on contemporary linguistics
  • Marges (Margins): contemporary art
  • Hybrid: the arts and human mediations
  • BSSG Bien symboliques (Symbolic Goods): focus on social sciences in the arts, culture and ideas

The works published by PUVare available in all major French bookshops (paper or digital format) and on the website.

You can purchase them directly from PUV with a 20% discount for all Paris 8 University students and staff.

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