UR Laboratoire d’études romanes - LER (Research Unit: Laboratory of Romance Studies)

The Laboratoire d’Études Romanes or LER (EA 4385) is Paris 8 University’s laboratory for Romance Studies, bringing together scholars from a number of different disciplines (history, literature, arts, linguistics) to study romance languages and their corresponding cultural landscapes, following contemporary approaches of area studies.

Since 2009, research has been progressively centred on converging themes leading to the designation of six research themes in 2013. This convergence aimed to break down the barriers previously created by cultural and geographical identities. As a result, scholars of Hispanic, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan Studies now collaborate on projects.

2019-2014 research areas:

This theme brings together scholars in history, political science, sociology, history of translation and anthropology specialising in the different cultural areas studied in the Research Unit. The historical perspective, spanning a broad chronological period, is the main focus of this theme.

Under this theme, LER linguists work on one project dedicated to linguistics and one to digital humanities, which is open to all members of the Research Unit.

This theme brings together scholars in literature, visual and performing arts and translation. Works of art are studied through their relationship with temporality, the real and the status quo.

UFR Langues et cultures étrangères (LLCE-LEA)
ED 31 : Pratiques et Théories du Sens

2 rue de la Liberté
93526 SAINT-DENIS, France

Website: www.etudes-romanes.univ-paris8.fr