The ERUA Media, Culture & Communication Summer School (EMCCSS)

Digital utopias and dystopias.

The ERUA Media, Culture & Communication Summer School will be taking place at Paris 8 University’s St Denis campus, from September 9th – September 11th 2024.

It will bring together approximately 25 PhD students and 6 professor-researchers from the field of information and communication science / media & cultural studies, and related specialisations in sociology, aesthetics and philosophy.


The second edition of the summer school is articulated around the broad question of the material and ideological ’frontiers’ of the web :
blockchain-enabled applications, generative artificial intelligence, trans-humanism, life-extension, etc. It aims to produce a reflexive knowledge of the ways in which our research topics and practices address contemporary issues related to digital communications, in the light of this general theme.


The summer school aims to offer a relaxed, benevolent and thought-provoking environment ; a commitment to critical and participatory teaching methods, allowing doctoral students to improve their skills, researchers to reflect on their experiences and, for all participants, to share ideas and experiences with their peers. Its ambition is to create new research networks on a European scale from a space that is less formal and restricted than a classic seminar, and more durable than a scientific conference.


Language : English - Application deadline : 1st June 2024

ERUA students can receive funding for travel &nd accommodation from their home universities.

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