Distance learning qualifications

For students wishing to access our courses but who are not able to attend in person.

The Distance Learning Institute (IED) at Paris 8 University allows you to complete a university degree in a way that suits your professional life or any other constraints that prevent you from attending class in person.

In addition to a full psychology course (licence and master’s), the programmes offered by the IED now include a Bachelor’s in Law, a Bachelor’s (L3) and Master’s in Learning Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. These courses are the same as those offered in the corresponding faculties (UFRs) and/or departments. More distance learning courses will soon become available.

Details about the courses, enrolment procedures, fees, work organisation, learning assessment tools, participation in groups, specific procedures for knowledge assessment, etc. can be found on the “Foire aux questions”, “Formations offertes” and “Formalités administratives” pages of the IED’s website, which is currently being updated.