Foreign scholars

In order to assist the visiting scholars and their families, Université Paris 8, Université Paris 13 and Supmeca have joined forces and created the Centre de Mobilité Paris Nord (Northern Paris Mobility Centre - CMPN) with the support of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP - an international academic residence) and the Ile de France Region. The CMPN has joined the 200 mobility centres belonging to the EURAXESS European Network (formerly ERA-MORE) launched in June 2004 as part of the construction of the European Research Area.

The role of the mobility centres is to encourage the mobility of researchers wishing to relocate both from within and from outside Europe, and to offer assistance to scholars with all aspects of their relocation, such as administrative formalities, accommodation, child tuition and language courses

  • You are invited by one of our partner institutions, and you are a visiting foreign doctoral student, post-doc student, researcher or professor...
  • You are a host scholar in one of our partner institutions and you want
    to prepare the arrival of a visiting scholar in France... CMPN for assistance!


We can help you before, during and after your scholarly visit to France.

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