The University’s Physical and Sports Activities Department - SUAPS aims to offer everyone the opportunity to do a sport of their choice.

Students at the University can choose from a range of sports classes — all run by specialist instructors — based on their preferences, physical ability and level. Students can sign up for two activities per semester if they like.

There is a wide range of activities on offer with something for every level: discovery, introduction, improvement and competitive.

Sports activities

Aikido, athletics, rowing, badminton, basketball, French kickboxing, contemporary dance, belly dancing, tango, salsa, hip hop, rock n’ roll, women’s fitness, fencing, fitness, football (men and women), futsal, judo, kung fu, strength training, swimming, qi-gong, 7-, 13-, or 15-aside rugby (men and women), tai-chi, sailing, volleyball, wushu, yoga, climbing, mountain biking, Zumba, step-classes and more (subject to change).

Sports optional modules (EC libres) are also available. Students interested in doing an optional module must request the brochure from the Department’s secretary and check with their Faculty (UFR).


All students practising a sports activity are ensured by SUAPS as part of a group insurance contract with MAIF:

  • if they do not have personal insurance
  • if they have insurance that does not fully cover sports-related accidents in a university setting

Contact details:
 Building A - room 001
 Tel: 01 49 40 65 30