Building on Babel’s rubble

Nora Boneh, Daniel Harbour, Ora Matushansky, Isabelle Roy (dir.)

This volume explores the unity of linguistic diversity in ‘Babel’s rubble’ in the Generative framework, covering a wide range of topics in the various levels of linguistic analysis, with a particular focus on Georgian and Kartvelian languages.

The volume groups papers exploring the unity of linguistic diversity (‘Babel’s rubble’) in the Generative framework. While its empirical contribution ranges from morphology to semantics, the theoretical thrust of this volume is on syntax and its interfaces. Topics include primarily diathetic alternations, the syntax of causatives and the analysis of dative marking, with forays into ergativity and locative expressions, as well as issues of categorization and clause structure. All serve to locate and examine the limits of the interface-driven approach advocated by Generative Linguistics. The originality of the book resides in the particular combination of topics and the diverse languages covered, many of which understudied.


Date de parution : 23/02/2022

Editeur : Presses Universitaires de Vincennes ; Collection : Science du langage ; Edition numérique seulement ; Nombre de pages : 482



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