International exchanges

1. Organisation of studies:

2. Credit transfer for exchange programmes

  • 1 semester = 30 credits
  • 1 full academic year = 60 credits
  • 1 class = 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 credits depending on the department
  • Existing partnerships: you must check that your university has an active partnership agreement with Paris 8 University. To view the list of Paris 8 University’s partners, click here.
  • Language level: you must have adequate French-language skills in order to take classes (level B2 is recommended).
  • Approval: your exchange application must be approved by the international relations department of your home university.
  • Enrolment: you must enrol online before the deadline.

To help you fill out the form, here is the list of supporting documents that you will need to provide when completing your enrolment online:

Supporting document to be uploading to your online application Format

  • Identity card or passport (scan) PDF - Mandatory
  • Passport photo (scan) JPEG - Mandatory
  • Formulaire d’inscription au stage d’accueil (Internship registration form: this is provided on the platform and can be filled in online) PDF - Optional
  • Formulaire de demande de logement en résidence universitaire (Request for accommodation form: this is provided on the platform and can be filled in online) PDF - Optional
  • Undergraduate or master’s degree (scan or original document) PDF - Optional
  • Language test (scan or original document) PDF - Optional
  • Learning agreement (scan or original document) PDF - Optional
  • EHIC card or health insurance policy (scan or original document) PDF - Optional

Important: make sure you only submit files in an approved format (JPEG or PDF). Each file must be less than 10 MB.

  • 30 June: if you are attending during the 1st semester or for the full year
  • 30 November: if you are attending during the 2nd semester

The information below is aimed at students wishing to study at Paris 8 University as part of an exchange programme. This information only applies to students attending one of our partner universities.

Contact details:

  • International Relations and Cooperation Office
  • Office: A2·218
  • Tel: 01 49 40 70 68
  • Mail: