13th Beyond Humanism Conference


Post- Trans- and Metahumanist Reflections on Contemporary Challenges

Crises and the Posthuman

Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic and the distance or hybridity it forced our lives into, the 13th Beyond Humanism Conference is taking place as a live event, returningto one of the crucial places for the development of the several Posthuman routes of thinking, the University of the Aegean, Mytilini, Greece. It was there where in the 2nd BHC in 2010 the Metahuman Manifesto was for the first time presented and an emphasis to the Audiovisual was given. It was also there in the 6th BHC in 2014 where the emphasis to the Political was underlined. It’s now, after the pandemic and the two online forums (2020 and 2021) plus the hybrid form 1st Methuman Futures Forum in September – October 2022, that we turn to a new, hybrid, but with an emphasis to the live presentations event underlining the need for new reflections and new ideas on the Posthuman.

Submission until 1st May 2023

More information : https://metabody.eu/13th-beyond-humanism-conference/

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